6 Fashionable and Classic Wardrobe Essentials

6 Fashionable and Classic Wardrobe Essentials

Minimalism is the new way of living in the 21st century and that includes closets. When you only have so much room in your closet and dresser you need all the fashionable and classic pieces to create the style and look you are wanting for every occasion. But it can be hard to find pieces that are both fashionable AND classic! Here are some suggestions to keep in the closet at all times:


1. Classic Demin Jeans (No Low Rise!)

Everyone needs a classic pair of jeans. They don't have to be super expensive but they must flatter your body type and work for nearly every occasion. We all have that one favorite pair of low rise jeans that we can't bear to get rid of. But if you are over the age of 21, you really need a pair of medium-dark straight leg and mid-rise jeans. Don't feel like you have to buy the most expensive pair but don't go cheap. You will have these forever.


2. Fashionable Shoes that Go with Any Outfit


Let's talk shoes. I LOVE shoes. I love heels. Tall heels. However, after a bunionectomy and an ankle reconstruction surgery, no longer are my days of the 4-inch stilettos or super cheap and trendy shoes that make my feet bleed after an hour of wearing them. Those days have sailed away. Every woman needs the following:


  • A pair of ballerina flats (My favorites are Tieks. Don't be afraid of the price tag. Take my word for it – they are worth it!)
  • A pair of leather boots or booties
  • Kitten heel or chunky heel shoes
  • A pair of white tennis shoes
  • A pair of classic neutral sandals


3. A Solid White Tee


No matter what you wear, a solid white oversized or fitted tee can go anywhere. It never offends people or feels not appropriate for a certain occasion. White tees, whether they are larger or have a more fitted look, bring attention to other parts of your body you want to accentuate. They can also be styled many different ways so it never feels boring. Classic and fashionable don't always mean boring!


4. Fitted Black Blazer


I have a fitted black blazer I bought five years ago and it has saved my butt so many times. Blazers are the go-to cover up for a cold office or when I am put in a situation that my shoulders should be covered. The best thing about blazers: it can dress up jeans or tone down a fancy dress. And it can show I am here for business or I am here for a party. A black blazer is ALWAYS  an acceptable wardrobe piece.
TIP: Make sure your blazer is fitted to you. If you pay a pretty penny for a blazer that is quality and can be used over and over, it is worth finding a good seamstress to bring in the shoulders, waist or arm sleeves.


5. A Neutral Color Dress for Any Occasion


You never know what will happen in life. When a relative dies and you need to go to a funeral, the last thing you want to be doing is shopping for a dress that is flattering, respectful, and fits. Another reason you keep a classic and respectable dress in your closet at all times is for when you meet someone's parents. Mother in Laws judge. Don't give them a reason to dislike you. (Trust me on this one as well!)  Keep a solid black dress or another neutral color dress (I don't suggest white) in your closet so you will always have something to turn to that will not embarrass your mother or mother in law.


6. A Solid Color Sweater


Solid warm sweaters are forever. If laundered property, they should also last forever. This is another piece that is very likely always appropriate. It is never too revealing and can be put on by itself or on top of a collared shirt. You can use accessories to style any sweater up or down for the appropriate time.


Extra Tips from Christine


First, these items are worth getting one or two very nice pieces rather than 10 trendy and cheaper pieces. Many times price is indicative of quality and length of wear. I would rather have 4 pairs of expensive and quality shoes that I won't be begging to throw off at the end of a workday than 15 pairs that the heel breaks off after the third time I wear them. It may feel like a lot of money for a dress or a sweater, but the amount of times it can be worn over the years is important too.


Lastly, if you have a choice to go with a classic piece over a trendy piece, ALWAYS pick the classic. Just trust me on this one. Classic will always be fashionable but trendy will not always be fashionable.
Have a suggestion that should be on this list? Comment below or contact me here! Better yet, are you looking for some of these classic staples for your closet? Come over to my Facebook Group to see some clothes that you can add to your wardrobe!

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