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Consistency in business is, in my opinion, the number one key to success. If you cannot be consistent, many things happen. First, your customers will not take you seriously. Lack of consistency in your business makes it look like you aren’t treating your business like a business. And when you don’t treat your business like a business, it is a hobby. If you want business success results, you MUST treat your business like a business.
Posting consistently on social media helps potential customers make decisions on whether to become a customer or client. 74% of consumers rely on social media to make buying decisions. Even further, 71% of customers recommend brands that give quick responses to questions. If you can’t be consistent in posting, how can you be consistent in responding in a timely manner? Inconsistency means you leave customers and money at the table that, without much work, could be easily added. No business owner wants that!
The biggest struggle with consistency in business is making the time to do it. Even if you want to plan it out, you still have to sit down to plan it out. That can also be difficult to find time unless you make the time. Whether you have multiple jobs or kids to cart around after school, life is rarely consistent. Here are three things to help you make being consistent in business when life isn’t consistent at all!

Tools to Help Create Better Consistency in Business

Use a Planning Program to Schedule Social Media Posts

I like to plan out my social media schedule at least a week in advance. With depression, anxiety, and just general busyness that comes with being a business owner, I never know when I will and when I won’t have time to post.
I started using Tailwind for Pinterest and Instagram. Instagram wouldn’t allow auto-posting until a few weeks ago. Now I can utilize Tailwind to schedule Instagram posts, find the best hashtags, and schedule content to be posted at the most optimal times for engagement.
Facebook in January 2018 decided to start cracking down on cleaning up news feeds. This means business pages and the like will receive way less reach than they did in 2017. Facebook also does not prioritize any posts that have outside links in them. Now I use the Facebook Post Scheduler. I can schedule posts for over a week in advance with pictures, comments, etc. The best part is that is FREE! Although it only works on a desktop currently, you can sit down once a week and post it and let it go. Consistency is business posts are complete for the week! WIN!

Write Out a Weekly To-Do List

Weekly to-do lists are the best for making sure you get what you need to get done! I suggest writing out a to-do list before bed the night before. My mind likes to bounce my to-do list around my head all night if I don’t write it down. Once I write it down I do not have to worry about forgetting something and I sleep so much better!!! There are many different types of to-do lists that you can use that works for you. On every weekly to-do list I make sure to include due dates of when it must be done by. This helps me prioritize my days when I am limited on time.
In addition to a daily to-do list, writing a to-do list that is weekly is essential for consistency in your business. On Mondays, I post on my team page in the morning and I go live in my shopping group to have Coffee with Christine. Tuesday is a day to order inventory. I always ship on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. These are just a few examples of what my weekly schedule looks like. No one’s weekly schedule will look the same. Remember, it must work for you!

Tell Other People Your Plan So They Can Hold You Accountable

I have a bad habit of saying I will do something and then later bailing on it. It’s a bad habit of mine I have wanted to change for a long time. If it is just me, I can talk myself out of a dinner party, going on Facebook Live, making dinner, having friends over, etc. BUT if I tell someone I will go live at a particular time or someone is going to meet me at a certain place for dinner, that seems to help hold me accountable for my responsibilities.
What things do you do to create consistency in your business? Comment below or Contact Me!
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